Author: rmaiolo

Auto Deploy Your Code With Git!

On an assignment recently, I worked with a dev-ops team that refused to have anything to do with FTP, and rightly can be a very inefficient and insecure way to transfer files.

When I asked “well, how do I get the code to the server then?” I was told it was all done behind the scenes when I commit to git. I was intrigued and wanted to do that for my personal projects …and this is how I did it.

Meet George Jetson

It may surprise many who know me that I’ve consciously limited the amount of technology I rely on for my day to day life. Sometimes it’s a matter of being a ‘traditionalist’, or sometimes it just turns my stomach when a company creates a product merely for its ‘cool’ factor over any sense of practicability.

HTML Emails

On my last assignment, we had a need for an occasional HTML email blast. I generally have relied on Mailchimp to make such emails but this was for a small, internal audience so such a service would have been overkill.