Pay Attention To Boy Jr.

I had written about how I was able to broaden my musical horizons during the pandemic. One artist still stands out greatly in my mind..I pay attention to Boy Jr.

This artist’s musical talent has been likened to 10 Bands in a Trench Coat. Their previous releases dance a careful balance between playfulness of wit and intensity of the spirit.

So why does their music still capture my attention so much out of all the other artists out there?

Does the answer lie in Chartreuse, the first track on the new album Pay Attention To Meee? “Guess I’m just obsessed with you”, this dreamy song pulls you into the frustrations of the heart, perhaps it’s also the heart’s passion.

Am I just a Narcisist, Baby? This song calls out the awful way people can treat each other when only focused on getting ahead of others. But at least I’m still thinking of you.

I mean, I’m a Smart Man, knowing this song calls out my need to impress others with how much I know. I give a smart damn for the production value that is in this whole album and using slightly pop elements that latch onto the collective unconscious.

Ur Lovable, no doubt about it. This track is like my heart on a roller coaster features a bit more guitar work which I love about their music. You might be trouble, but honestly it’s fine.

Maybe you can Meet Me In The Middle? Is it the honesty in your lyrics and delivery? I have a hard time expressing myself well and it seems to come so easy in this song. We are insecure and imperfect but we are human, this song makes me feel life is worth it.

Do You Really Like Me or Do You Just Need A Therapist?” I can hear you ask… I’m still paying attention to you and this dreamy track peppered with more fun guitar and synth pop that wants to live inside me.

Hey Sorry that I enjoy your melodies so much. They flow freely but playfully give a surprise sugar hiccup or two to constantly keep me guessing and wondering what comes next. I’m typically lying on the floor wondering if this one may be my favorite track.

Pay Attention To Me” you say. How can I not pay attention to the variety of style that they bring to every track. It was exciting to witness the development of the tracks of this album in previews on social media.

Like a A Hit Pop Song From 2016, paying attention to Boy Jr. is ..well..paying attention to us. She asks our questions, knows our spirits and is not ashamed to be who we are, human.

I may not know how to write a proper album review but I hope I can say thanks for saving my musical heart that I hear in your songs.

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