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Parker's Landscaping

Parker’s Landscaping

Full service, commercial and residential landscaping who’s site we help to maintain and have created an inventory system for their internal team.

The legendary fan site and forum. We migrated their legacy database into wordpress, created and host this website for the love of director David Lynch.

Adventures In Frugality Pt 1

Going grocery shopping with my mother when I was young was a lot of fun. It was when we could connect with each other and share what was going on in my life. My mother also taught me a good deal about cooking, but more on that in another post.

My Top 5 Favorite Books

I have a long relationship to books. I learned to read early in life, around 3 years of age. Later in my life my passion for books lead me to land a job managing a bookstore for 11 years. Those were great times and I often still dream I’m heading to work, ready to unpack boxes and shelve books.

Let’s not get technical

Although will continue to represent my career as a web developer, my blog posts will reflect more of my personal interests such as spirituality, music, cooking and so forth.

Debugging CSS Animations Without Tears

I had been doing some work for a client who wanted an animation transition removed. This was a legacy project that involved many plugins and going through the stylesheets became nearly like untangling how many levels in Inception.