RefinedRapture began in 2002 as my portfolio while I was learning about web development, Perl specifically. Over the years PHP / Javascript / MySQL became my main stack.

I came to L.A. on a dare in 2002. Previously I had been a bookseller running an independant bookstore on the east coast for a decade. During that time my interest in computers and programming was piqued. After several dead-end jobs in data-entry, I quit my minimum-wage job to try my hand at doing web development professionally instead of as a side-line. Since then, I’ve been part of several wonderful companies, working with amazing people.

I live in L.A. county with my book collection, my bass guitar, Barbie, and a very spoiled cat.

The sites I feature here now reflect sites I’ve worked on more currently.

I plan to also post occasional ‘blog’ posts related to other interests, mainly music, art and literature.

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

Blog Entries

Things I Did During The Pandemic pt. 2

Music has always been something special in my life, something that held power. When I was very young, there was a channel on the television that had the programming schedules for the channels in our area. There was music playing in the background that I felt move me to tears and I actually began sobbing. My mother came into the room in a panic asking me what was wrong and all I could say was how beautiful the music was.

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