Only Murders In The Building S2E4: Here’s Looking At You

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This was the perfect episode. More unexpected twists and visitors to the Arconia and little by little, we learn more about the night that Bunny died.

“Lovin’ a man like me, she’s a angel in flip flops…pitta pattah!” Charles and Lucy, in a flashback, are having a great Father / Daughter moment. This is followed by Lucy in an undisclosed location ruminating about returning to a place after a long time. We find out that Charles’ ex has gotten remarried. Charles returns to the television industry only to face some harsh realities before being reunited with his kinda / sorta daughter, Lucy!

Oliver is in the middle of letting his son down again and oblivious to his actions. Putting his own interests before others, Oliver bails on helping his son with his directing gig to focus on the case. He couldn’t be more focused when he encounters Teddy Dimas. Teddy is back to the Arconia awaiting trial for the crimes Oliver and the gang uncovered. In no uncertain terms, Teddy makes his intentions for Oliver’s future known.

Charles and Lucy get reacquainted, quite awkwardly. Mabel and Oliver show up and Charles enlists their help. Bunny’s murder weapon is found in Charles’ knife block, prompting him to firmly tell Lucy she must leave and not be involved in their investigation. Perhaps as an offering to allow her to stay, Lucy reveals her knowledge of hidden passages in the walls of the Arconia.

Through acts of voyeurism from behind the walls, we discover Nina’s plan to add a ‘spacepod’ on the roof of the Arconia. We also witness Teddy fighting with Theo over regrets of the past.

The gang’s plan to force a confession out of Nina backfires as her water breaks and apparently begins to go into labor. Charles channels his inner thesbian and gives a very convincing speech to calm Nina.

Mabel connects with Lucy. Sensing there is a definite reason for her being here, Mabel suggests that Lucy trusts Charles to tell him the real reason she is there. As Charles prepares to send Lucy back to Connecticut we are treated to another series of flashbacks. Lucy was at the Arconia the night of Bunny’s murder. She heard and saw the murderer escape into the hidden passages but does not reveal this to Charles.

The episode ends with Charles going to visit Jan in jail to ask her help, Silence of the Lambs style.

My heart went pitta pattah through this episode.

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