Things I Did During The Pandemic pt. 2

Music has always been something special in my life, something that held power. When I was very young, there was a channel on the television that had the programming schedules for the channels in our area. There was music playing in the background that I felt move me to tears and I actually began sobbing. My mother came into the room in a panic asking me what was wrong and all I could say was how beautiful the music was.

Another early memory was being in our family room where one of my sisters was doing some ironing while listening to music with over the ear headphones. She jerked suddenly and pulled the headphones off quickly with a terrified look on her face. She was hearing voices, so she said. My sister was listening to Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, a new release at that time, specifically the track Brain Damage.

During the pandemic, like many of you, I got sucked into TikTok pretty easily. It wasn’t long before I found myself as part of the music community. I discovered some awesome musicians there. I would like to share a few of them with you. There’s awesome talent all around us!

You can follow the RefinedRapture playlist on Spotify!

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