Take The Cannoli

It’s the 50th anniversary since the release of The Godfather. I remember a stir when this movie came out, though I was too young to really understand it. Growing up in an Italian / American family really gave it gravity.

As a family, we were proud of our heritage and where we came from. We had the best food, the best way of life, culture and (of course) religion.

The Godfather touched upon all these points and its why it hit home to families like us. The Godfather is primarily about being part of a flesh and blood family with ambitions and desires like any other family.

The Offer is a a 10 episode miniseries about the development and production of that film. It follows the involvement of such luminaries as Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Evans, Al Ruddy and, of course, the initial genius behind it all, Mario Puzo.

The Offer is currently streaming on Amazon Prime

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