Only Murders In The Building S2E3: The Last Day Of Bunny Folger 

Warning: Spoilers ahead

We are treated to another groundbreaking and unique episode. As in S1E7: The Boy from 6B, we get to see the story from another’s perspective. The reconstruction of the last day of Bunny Folger is another triumph of this series.

This won’t take long unless you make it take long. This is a very smart episode that explores what I feel is the heart behind this series.

Bunny breaks up a celebratory moment in the Arconia courtyard. The rules are important to Bunny and she’s not afraid to show it. We see Bunny, who’s last day as board president is today, coaching Nina but also showing doubt.

Bunny knows that this role has been her whole life and is struggling to find relevance now that her job is done. She receives a mysterious phone call that keeps us tied to the current mystery. Someone has been talking to Bunny about the painting and seems to want it badly.

We discover that Bunny had lunch with someone the previous day, not a friend. Is this the person asking about the painting? We also discover more of Bunny’s caring side, giving her waiter, Ivan a very generous tip.

Bunny is given a surprise sendoff at the Board Meeting but announces that she intends to stay on as board president. After the meeting / party, Bunny overhears the celebration that our trio is having and decides to stop by with a peace offering of top shelf champaign.

Another look at Bunny’s vulnerability and humanity, she was hoping to join them and is left on the doorstep crying. Even now, the writers sneak in some humor with the line, “I did not peg bunny for a wailer“. Intensional or’s pretty clever!

Our trio moves to the roof, where we left off at Season 1. That’s when Bunny’s murderer shows up and Mabel discovers what has happened to Bunny.

I mentioned this episode explores the heart of this series, the need to feel relevant. Our main characters struggle with this, a woman haunted by tragedy, an actor who lives in the role of his past and a producer who’s best work is behind him. They are turning tragedy into opportunity.

For more clues, listen to the official podcast, Only Murders in the Podcast or discuss with others in the Reddit community.

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