Only Murders In The Building S2E2: Framed

Warning: Spoilers ahead

We are treated to the story of Bunny Folger and Archibald Carter. Archibald was the architect of the Arconia and we learn he put little secrets in each of his buildings. Archibald married and raised his family at the Arconia. His daughter, Leonora, married a Mr. Folger and parented Bunny Folger who lived ‘every day of her life’ at the Arconia. During this history lesson, we share in a flashback of Charles accompanying his father who is going to an audition. Passing the Arconia, Charles’ father vows to live at the Arconia once he hits it big.

Back to present time, our investigators are discussing the painting and the set of luggage (or was it a shadow) on Charles’ father. Mabel reveals another one of Bunny’s last words, Savage, which is the title to the 1956 painting.

They are about to find a way to get rid of the painting but Howard, again, shows up unexpectedly and invites them to a memorial for Bunny. The plan changes to Charles going to the memorial and take the secret elevator to meet the others and bring up the painting. 

We meet the new board president, Nina Lynn, who is perceived to be more of a bully than Bunny. The subject of the painting comes up at the memorial. Enter a new character claming that it is HER painting. This character, played by Shirley MacLaine, is Bunny’s mother, Cocotini connoisseur, Leonora…aka Big Bunny.

Oliver and Mabel leave the memorial to put their plan into action. Charles and Leonora get acquainted briefly before going to the secret elevator to promptly descend and then…locks himself out! Thinking quick as some people approach, they stow the painting among the dumpsters.

The trio splits up. Charles goes back to his apartment to think through recent events and is seen holding his father’s watch that is in the painting and goes to retrieve the painting but it is gone. Mabel goes back to meet Alice at the art gallery. Alice has created a sculpture inspired by Mabel and asks her to destroy it. Oliver goes to meet Amy Schuemer who is revealed to have THE PAINTING! 

A great sequence set to Billie Eilish’s You Should See Me In A Crown. Mabel destroys the sculpture, Leonora approves of the cocotini. Oliver promises to clear his name.Mabel and Alice may be becoming more than friends. 

The gang then all meet up again to share bits of revelation about the artist of the painting not realizing that Leonora is right there plumbing Charle’s interest in the painting. Learning that the painting is in Amy’s apartment, they all head there. After an inspection of the painting by Leonora it was dismissed as a reproduction. 

A final exchange between Charles and Leonora (even if she’s not good at this hour) and another bombshell is dropped. Charles’ father was having an affair not only with Rose Cooper but with Leonora!

The episode ends with Mrs. Gambolini claiming that she knows who did it!

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