Only Murders In The Building S2E1: Persons Of Interest

Warning: Spoilers ahead

The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew return for Season 2. The episode begins with a “Previously on..” segment with highlights of Season 1.

Mirroring the start of Season 1, the perspectives of Charles, Oliver and Mabel are given. Michael Rapaport joins the cast as he interrogates our heroes while Mabel manifests sass, Oliver covers his ass and Charles gets lost briefly in his character, Brazzos.

Living a strange life of celebrity at a level none of them probably had before, there seems to be a desire to some degree to move on with their lives, Mabel especially wants a ‘life away from death’.

We’re treated to a few glimpses of what happened in Mabel’s apartment the night Bunny was found dead. A beautiful scene that disorients and haunts. 

Mabel is invited to an art show by a new character, Alice. Alice immediately gives off a very strong vibe that would give me caution. 

Amy Schumer, encountering Oliver in the elevator, shows up to take over Sting’s old apartment and possibly Oliver’s interest with a proposal to get the rights to their podcast. 

Charles visits some execs who are planning a Brazzos reboot only to find they want him to play “Uncle Brazzos”

Cinda wastes no time getting a new episode out regarding this latest murder at the Arconia. Each character reveals an embarrassing fact that were either mentioned or fear may be mentioned by Cinda on her podcast. Each of our trio is seen interacting with Cinda and / or her team on an imagined level.

They all meet to discuss Cinda’s podcast. Mabel remembers Bunny said ’14’ before dying. Is that bunny’s voice in the air vent? Once again they sneak into Bunny’s apartment to find a yellow headed amazon parrot, Mrs. Gambolini.

During their shenanigans, neighbors Uma and Howard arrive prompting them to hide in a closet. Uma and Howard are heard discussing a valuable painting Bunny had painted by Rose Cooper, planning to have it appraised but are shocked to find that it is missing.

In a surprise twist, Mabel finds a hidden elevator in the closet. The mystery is becoming too compelling.. They must clear their names.

As the episode begins to wind down, we again see perspectives from each of our friends. Oliver is seen going through cards found in Bunny’s apartment. One is found in that familiar printing: “I WANT THAT PAINTING” Mabel flashes back again to the night Bunny died and another thing she said before dying is heard: “Savage” Charles sends a text to the gang telling them to come quick to his apartment. They all arrive to find..the missing painting featuring a nude couple in an embrace..the male subject is Charles’ father!

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