Meet George Jetson

It may surprise many who know me that I’ve consciously limited the amount of technology I rely on for my day to day life. Sometimes it’s a matter of being a ‘traditionalist’, or sometimes it just turns my stomach when a company creates a product merely for its ‘cool’ factor over any sense of practicability.

So for the last month, I’ve embraced technology and added it more to my day to day life with the desire to become more efficient and (hopefully) more productive.

It started with todo lists. I’ve not had the best relationship with todo lists due to some ridiculous associations that, you’ll be glad to know, I will not recount here. I became frustrated constantly forgetting something at the grocery and I often found myself making more trips to the store than I really should have.

With Wunderlist (soon to become Microsoft To-Do..I know, I know..try to keep an open mind), I created an ongoing shopping list that I could check off the items and brands that I love using on a regular basis and then just renew that list from what I had listed in the past.

Amazon Echo had the potential to be something that was just ‘cool’ to have… ”Alexa, tell me something trivial”  can wear off quickly. The integration with Phillips Hue was intriguing. My daughter’s boyfriend had been playing around with it (and has an amazing set up).  I set up a schedule with the accompanying app that automatically turns my lights on or off in the appropriate parts of my apartment during the hours I am home and set appropriate moods with softness and colors. I’ve not had to touch a light switch in a long time.

Finally, I want to talk about Strides. This is a habit tracker whereby you can gauge both good habits you want to cultivate and bad habits that you want to curb. It differs from a mere todo list by being able to remind you at appropriate times of the day. I can be forgetful at times and I live with my cat who is not good at nagging me to remember to wash all the dishes before going to bed, or have I been keeping my journal, etc.

There are many other ways I’ve been incorporating technology but just wanted to give an overview of how I’ve been using it lately. I feel more organized if nothing else and do have more time for productivity.