Best Chicken Sandwich In Burbank

The year is 2022, normal life after the pandemic is slowly beginning to return. But there was another crisis that preceded the lockdowns and the layoffs… the chicken sandwich wars.

Ok, it’s fair to say the title here is an opinion. We leave it to Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s to battle it out among the common rabble. But if you are one of the refined, the keen, the master or mistress of your own fate, then you will appreciate the food artisans that still exist.

In search of a new spot to check out, I turned to Yelp and found a spot nearby called HoppinChicken.

Found at the corner of Maple and Riverside, this place is very welcoming. Brian and Betty were very friendly and provided awesome service.

I got the Combo #2 to try them out. This is their classic chicken sandwich with pickles and chipotle aioli on a toasted brioche bun, served with seasoned fries.

Though the fries were standard fare, which I have NO problem with..they were fluffy on the inside, starchy and full of yum. The sandwich was definitely a standout. A very home-made type of sandwich which I’m sure people can appreciate in a world full of factory made food. I definitely need to go back though because…waffles. The smell of fresh waffles being made was intoxicating and tempting!

And talk about a unique place, they offer gelato! Not just a few flavors to choose from, but 18 different varieties!

Stop by and say hello to them, give their food a try! I know you will love them as much as I did.

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